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World of Colors

The game features Lala and Ara, two main characters who will guide children
as young as three years old through the various levels of the application.
Choosing one of the 10 basic colors of the game, the child will have a choice of 4
games in every color, each one contributing to the development of his memory,
concentration, logic and language skills. Moreover, the games encourage
children’s creativity, imagination and multitasking abilities.


Meet the team

  • Live for today.

    Arin Kalousdian Project Manager

  • Live each day

    to the fullest

    Nairi Alexandrian Graphic Designer / Illustrator for Children

  • Life is made of

    small moments like this

    Serouj Baghdassarian Technical / Webdesigner

  • Dont' forget

    to smile 🙂

    Taline Yahniyan Pedagogue & Consultant

  • Hrayr Kalemkerian Movie Director / Producer

  • Hera Najarian Voice Over Consultant

hamazkayin-Final-white-01A project by Hamazkayin